Can I still join if the term has started? 

You can still join if the term has started. Fees will be charged for the number of lessons left in the term. 


My child is only 4 months old. Is it worth putting them in a music class at such a young age?

Children learn more in their first 12 months than at any other time of their life. The activities in class will help to stimulate their senses and facilitate their fine motor and gross motor skills of infants. Babies as young as 3 months old are ready to play music.


Can I enrol for a casual class before enrolling to the whole term?

Yes, enrolment for casual class will be open one week before the term commences. As priority is given to whole term enrolment, casual class is only available if there is any spots left.


What if my child gets sick and can't attend the class?

You are entitled to one make-up lesson per term. Please phone us if you know the day before or at least by 8 am in the morning of the missed class. You will be able to do a make-up lesson in the next term.


Which class should I choose if I am bringing my two children to the class?

You should choose a class that is suitable for your older child.



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