Our Vision

At Baby Mozart, we believe that playing music builds better brains. We use music to facilitate a holistic development of babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


Golden time of a child's development 

Research studies have demonstrated that there is a strong connection between music and academic achievement. Some experts suggest that 0 to 3 years of age, is the peak of your child's brain growth and development.  Introducing them to different musical instruments and letting your child learn music from a young age can make a big difference to their development. There is no doubt that early experiences with music give your child an early learning advantage. 


What is Baby Mozart Music Class?

At Baby Mozart, every baby, toddler and preschooler is a little musician. We use a range of musical instruments to play live music together in class! Not only will it be a good exposure for your child to music, it will also nurture a love for music. They will be singing and playing some percussion instruments with us. Your child will learn the classic nursery rhymes as well as some new educational songs that we have written. They will get to hear, see and learn how different musical instruments are played.

We aim to share the joy of music with kids. Classes are in Chatswood Dougherty Community Centre and Lidcombe Anglican Church Community Hall. Bring your child along to make music together and have loads of fun! Enrol now, online!


Why choose Baby Mozart?

Baby Mozart combines music and Occupational Therapy together. Our classes are designed with the aim of facilitating children's holistic development. We use music as a way to stimulate your child’s sensory; speech, cognitive, physical (fine and gross motor) and psychosocial development. The songs we sing, the actions we do, and the instruments we play are all specifically designed to promote their development. Our classes also set a foundation for them if they choose to learn an instrument when they are a little older.


The idea of Baby Mozart Music Class

The founder of Baby Mozart, Jess Lam, is a mother of two children, a musician, and an Occupational Therapist who specialises in Hand Therapy. From time to time, she often has seen young children who had difficulty with writing and fine motor skills. This made her start to think of offering fun classes for little kids that facilitate their holistic development. Her love for music led to the idea of Baby Mozart Music Class.



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